MWS has served the oilfield industry for more than 20 years building the specialized equipment  to meet the needs of our customers.  Design and construction of one of a kind equipment is our bread and butter.  From the oilfields of the US to the tundra of Russia our units are working and performing to exceed the standards demanded by our customers. 

MWS has extensive experence in the design and operation of bulk plant systems and acid blending / loading docks. We can build you a system or refurbish your existing plant to any level of capacity and control.

Our skid or trailer mounted transfer pumps have the power to get the job done.  The Modisette Super Pump 5000, with its 500 Hp will acheive 100 bbl at 100 psi. Our the 2' X 5' LAS skids with process control will supply your liquid add's when you need it.

With the current ecomony, many of our customers are looking at options other than buying new. We have years of experence and resources to refurbish your equipment to as good as or better than new condition and can offer options up upgrade for more flexability and increaded function to meet your needs.

The more difficult the problem the more determined we are to solve it. 

We also offer DNV certified equipment is another specility for our offshore customers.

Cement bulk plant system.
Super Pump 5000
Give us a call and let us show you how we can fix your problem, and best of all it won't take six months to get the job done!